Bluetooth Earbuds

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Foldable Bluetooth Headset Stereo Heavy Bass Earphones Compatible With a propos all Bluetooth-enabled Mobile Devices, iPhones, iOS devices, Android Smartphones, Tablets, Mac OS X or Windows Computers.Do you know about  bluetooth earbuds
Enjoy stereo music wireless.
Unique foldable design make it portable.
Remote hands clear two-mannerism chat.
High applicability: Built-in high-air Bluetooth 4.0
Built considering microphone for sure voice
Breathable and soft material makes for long-term wearing comfort
Mini and compact design for convenient carry
Support high-vibes stereo function
With 3-hour of talking era
Suitable for every one of mobile phones bearing in mind Bluetooth undertaking and computers
Support Bluetooth wired action and transmission
Support FM stereo and MP3 performer
Operating Distance: =10m without obstruction when building or magnetic sports ground
Best option for listening music, watching movie, chatting online, etc.