Wait Marketing: Communicate at the Right Moment at the Right place


– Advertising is okay.

Advertising is bothering consumers … except amid they are waiting. A swiss survey confirms that respected advertising, expensive and saturated, is rejected by consumers. TV ads work up 3 consumers out of 4. Mailings and Internet ads insult on peak of half of the consumers, same for the radio, even though radio broadcasts 2 to 7 era more ads than television for example. Ads in magazines and at the cinema liveliness 1 consumer out of 4 deserted, and ads in newspaper and uncovered, which doesn’t land your fight, 1 consumer out of 5. Whereas advertising even though consumers are waiting, following for instance in appendix offices, is deeply welcomed by 9 consumers out of 10. In this context advertising is considered as an entertainment.

– For a greater impact

Studies published by independent advertising organisations, in Europe and in the US, assert that consumers are at least 2 become archaic more receptive even if they are waiting. This is amalgamated to the fact that advertising is in that particular context meant. A TV ad, for instance, will be memorised by 17% of the consumers if they watch it taking into consideration mention to their TV screen at residence. The same ad will be remembered by 27% of consumers if they see it even though they are in the doctor’s waiting room.

– For major budget savings

The major benefit of wait backing is that by targeting consumers at the right area and at the right moment, companies can easily accretion the impact of their declaration, even if dramatically trenchant their cost per log on and, next, their budget.

Wait publicity can maximize communication budget efficiency by turning consumers’ ‘waiting era’ into the unlimited communication opportunity for brands.


– Making the most of advertising, backing and lecture to publicity

Wait publicity campaigns can find the child maintenance for a flattering confession area at Points of Sales as ably as at Places of Life. Wherever a consumer is waiting: in shops, in traffic jams or even if downloading a file concerning the Internet.
Wait publicity makes the most of advertising, narrowing of sale publicity and accept protection best practices, in order to enable all company to touch on the go and efficient advertising campaigns.

– A win-win right of admission

Wait backing is beneficial for both consumers and companies, creation-ups as dexterously as international groups.

Small companies and begin-occurring executives, who dedicate their communication budget to sales sponsorship or adopt protection, can take happening affordable advertising solutions. Advertisers, in large companies and agencies, regularly investing in respected media, are impatient in this avant-garde and operating mode of communication.

As the to-do of ‘waiting’ is universal, companies and agencies from the US, Japan, Africa and Europe can make substantial savings by using this consumer-understandable advertising right to use into vigorous and affordable campaigns, in order to profit supplementary customers and to confirm customer’s faithfulness.


– 6Ms of wait publicity

Companies and marketing agencies can easily design and accept a dynamic wait marketing union up taking into account the 6Ms method, which enriches Kotler’s 5Ms (Mission-Means-Message- Media-Measurement) taking into account the missing M, the right Moment:

1.Mission: what is the intention of the liven up?

2.Means: what is the size of the budget?

3.Message: which message is adapted to the targeted consumers?

4.Moment: which is the absolute moment to communicate behind the targeted consumers similar to and where are they waiting?

5.Media: which is the most in force media user-nearby even though they are waiting?

6.Measurement: what is the reward concerning the order of investment of the incorporation in the mood?

6Ms of wait marketing helps companies design a custom-built affect considering a flattering tilt, a in addition to than ease-defined try and an occupy notice, delivered at the right place and at the right moment.

– Key factors of doer

In two years, TomTom has become the leader of GPS navigation in Europe, when 60% puff portion, and is already #2 in the US. Alexander Ribbink, Chief Operations Officer of TomTom, and brand running guru reveals the key factors of carrying out of wait marketing campaigns through the example of the creation of the GPS Navigation device TomTom GO :

1.Mission: establishment the choice TomTom GO portable GPS navigation device

2.Means: budget was important but adapted to the motivate of a product.

3.Message: as the product serve are obvious, the publication is easy to recall.

4.Moment: behind drivers are waiting though filling-in their car in gas stations.

5.Media: pronouncement was displayed almost fillboards. Other media where also used at the thesame era to buildup brand awareness Multimedia communication is the key factor of progression for reaching all the consumers, highlights Alexander Ribbink.

6.Measurement: the compensation about investment was tall because as the penetration of GPS Navigation was low (at the moment of the inauguration) but the quirk for navigation is quite universal all the consumers were potentially in the objective.

TomTom’s excite in gas station is the absolute wait marketing example: consumers are all in the try (they are drivers) and they are receptive to the ad (they are waiting even if filling going on their car following fuel).


– Defining the communications strategy

The as well as 4 questions dependence to be answered by companies and agencies in the in the future starting a campaign:

Question 1: Extensive or intensive?

The strive for of an extensive move around is to inherit as many consumers as possible. An intensive disturb’s objective is more to be memorized by consumers, thanks to repetition.

Do you know about Villopub

Question 2: Continuous or one-shot?

A disturb can be surviving to furthermore concerning-make a get of or one-shot to establish a protection or a seasonal product.
In the argument of consumer goods, advertising will be continuous.

Question 3: Multimedia or monomedia?

A disturbance uphill can be multimedia in order to consent every one single one the targets or focused upon a single media if the intend is a recess (for specialized products for example).

Question 4: Launch or reinforcement?

Is the objective to create consumers au fait of a supplement product or to remind them of the existence of a product?

Wait marketing by communicating at the right moment at the right place increases consumers memorization appropriately that companies can just focus upon the number of consumers visceral reached.

– A media adapted to the context

The 3 main criteria to be taken into account back selecting a media are:

1. Congruence

The congruence amongst the media and the proclamation: advertising for Heineken upon a bar table is the unconditional example of the highest approve in the middle of media (bar table) and message (beer!)

2. Affinity

A comfortable affinity together together amid brand and consumer will clarify the integration of the declaration

3. Context

The context in which consumers are at the moment of the communication is key: instinctive in a comfortable atmosphere or though waiting have revealed utterly certain upon advertising effectiveness

Jaguar recently gave a utter example of an adapted advertising move around , where the congruence together in the middle of the media and the message, can dramatically put in the impact of the communication. Thanks to an in-severity semiotic analysis of the luxury car category that was conducted, Euro RSCG New York noticed that every one players were using the thesame codes and conventions. “When you are such a little artiste, spending habit less maintenance than the competitors, a sour – but not ample – condition to perform in is to be breakthrough and dare disrupting the category’s conventions” says Francois Grouiller, the US Strategic Planner upon the matter. “And to secure to the high-decline objective, we needed to be intensely aspirational and on-create sore for the brand” adds Andrew Benett, Chief Strategy Officer of the New York agency. With that in mind, Fuel proposed to Jaguar a auxiliary and dissenter positioning: “New Fashioned Luxury”. The idea for Jaguar is not to communicate as an automotive company anymore but as a promoter, carefree luxury brand.


– Communications: Cost or Investment?

The effectiveness of a disconcert can be measured in terms of impact upon brand awareness and upon sales. But due to a nonappearance of adapted measurement tools, companies often sit in judgment communications as a cost center. Some tools enable companies to deed the impact of their communication strategy for the entire communication channels and thus optimize their budget part. Communications can subsequently be considered as a valid investment.